• Features:

    • High Definition Custom 3D Graphics

    • Professionally Produced Original Music & Sound Effects

    • Five 3D Undersea Levels (Open Ocean, Deep Sea Cave, Coral Reef, Arctic Sea, Atlantis)

    • 5 Different Subs to choose from

    • Sub can shoot torpedos and launch a mechanical arm to pickup and drop treasures and pearls

    • Sub can surface above the water or travel uder sea

    • Facebook and Twitter integration for sharing

    • Options Screen & Ability to Pause Game & Turn Off the Sound

    • Beautifully Designed User Interface

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  • Game Trailer

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  • Description:
    You are going on an adventure! Designed for kids and families, Yellow Submarine Undersea Adventure allows players to choose their own submarine and set off on exciting adventures to explore mysterious undersea locations, battle sea monsters, enemy subs and discover exotic sea creatures, hidden treasures and the secrets to the lost city of Atlantis.
    As players advance, their submarine grows more powerful, unlocking new weapons, features and gameplay by defeating enemy sub attacks and undersea enemies like jellyfish, sharks, and octopus. If players are successful, they level up and earn access to these new weapons and features for their submarine. If they are truly successful they will discover the lost city of Atlantis and all it's hidden treasures.

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